Our model involves:

  • Identify organizational needs
  • Specify performance
  • Identify training needs
  • Determine objectives
  • Compile syllabus
  • Select instructional strategies
  • Obtain instructional resources
  • Facilitating training

South African companies are now compelled to fully understand skills development in order to achieve the full 25 points available under Skills Development Section of the new BBEEE codes. Our SETA accreditations and through our strategic partners within the training space, we are able to recruit, train, host and absorb previously disadvantaged people both abled bodies and disabled bodies.

We are accredited with the following setas

  • Services SETA
  • Agri SETA

We offer accredited and non-accredited training tailor made for our clients. We also offer the following services within the training space:

  • Skills Development
  • Capacity Building
  • Career pathing/ Guidance
  • Work Skills Plan development and review
  • Annual Training Plan Development and Review
  • Learnerships and skills program me
  • Executive and Leadership Education
  • BBBEE scoring and partnerships
  • Learner placement
  • Assessments
  • Moderation
  • Day courses
  • Discretionary and non-Discretionary grants funding applications

We also rent out fully equipped training space for small groups (Maximum 20) from various organization limited to availability.